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Psychotherapy appointments are available in Rogers park and Lakeview. Call 773-859-1276.

Open the Door to a New Life, New Hope, a New You

At Brownstone Therapeutics in Rogers Park and Lakeview, we offer doors that open to a new world for you. It's a world in which your anxiety and depression are gone - where life seems brighter, happier, less stressful and you experience a whole new sense of well-being.

At Brownstone Therapeutics, we believe that world does exist for you and it doesn't have to take forever or cost a fortune to discover it. Our mission is to use our years of proven practice, acknowledged expertise and special creative arts techniques to lead you to the right door. Your mission is to make a commitment and do the work it takes to step through to a life more fully and happily lived.

Choose the Door that Fits You

doorAt Brownstone Therapeutics, choose from several doors that open to self-awareness, self acceptance and celebration of your Self. Click on links for more information.

oral historyTherapies are affordable. We offer many payment options: a sliding scale, the ability to choose group versus individual therapy.  We are a BC/BS PPO,  accept Aetna, Cigna and many other insurance plans. We offer discount rates for students and artists and credit cards are welcome.

Express Yourself through Art, Song, and Dance.We offer traditional therapy, of course. But many clients prefer a more creative approach using our Expressive Arts Therapy to find their voice  and connect with their feelings and emotions. They find it easier to sing, dance, draw or use other art forms to leave their minds behind and get more into their bodies where experiences and emotions are stored. It's a different and proven way - in a safe, supportive environment - to truly get in touch with the anger, fear or hurt you feel. Once you experience these emotions, you may be able close the door on them, leave them behind for good and step through to your new world of sell-understanding, fulfillment and personal growth.     


"Eve was instrumental in helping me through one of the biggest transitions in my life. She challenged me to confront my fears, step out of my comfort zone, and forgive the people in my life that I've been hurt by, but most of all, to forgive myself. Eve is genuine, sensitive, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and empathetic - I felt safe with her. I am in a good place now, but I know that as challenges arise, I am stronger and able to face them because of the work I did with Eve and I know that I would call her in a heartbeat if those challenges ever got too much to face alone." Kelli

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About Eve Brownstone, Expressive Arts Therapist

Eve brings 24 years of experience to her successful practice. She ran her first group in 1990, got her Masters in 1993 and LCPC in 1998. She is also certified in Psychodrama. She's proud to have partnered and/or worked with the following organizations:

  • CJE Senior Life
  • Heartwood Center
  • 7013 Studio
  • DreamShop, Inc
  • Englewood Community Health Organization
  • Chicago Youth Centers
  • Elliott Donnelley Youth Center
  • Community Counseling Centers of Chicago
  • Saint Francis Hospital
  • Resurrection Health Care
  • Advocate Health Care
  • The Admiral
  • The Methodist Homes
  • White Crane Adult Wellness Center
  • University of Wisconsin
  • Northwestern University
  • Columbia College
  • The Festival of Life
  • Twins' Day Festival
  • The Andersonville Chamber of Commerce
  • Rogers Park Business Alliance
  • Rogers Park Community Council
  • The Edgewater Historical Society
  • Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society
  • The American Swedish Museum
  • Unity Church of Chicago
  • Quetzal of C4
Eve also served as Director and Producer for the video-documentaries "Wise Friends" and "Community Building/One Story at a Time" Her work has been featured in The Boston Herald, The Chicago Tribune,The Urban Coaster, NewStar Press, The WGN Morning Show and www.rogerspark.com

Insurance Accepted

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
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Magellan Health Services
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Credit Cards Accepted

I am now accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express at my office.