Corporate and Organizational "Therapeutic" Trainings

This is a series of trainings that assist participants in developing conflict resolution, communication and interpersonal skills. Topics are well-suited to business groups, executives and those in leadership positions. But the family is an organization, too and there are invaluable sessions for families that may transform relationships, not to mention Thanksgiving.

Giving Birth to Your Truth

During this dynamic training, participants will let go of the "shoulds" and focus on the kind of people they want to be. If you have ever wanted to sing at Carnegie Hall or be a motivational speaker or whatever else you can envision, we can enact it within a safe group experience.

Honoring Ourselves

In this training, we let go of shame and learn to be more assertive. Role-play, discussion and guided visualization will be utilized.

Dining with the Family

This training helps participants get ready to spend time with family. Learn how to deal with Aunt Stella who nags you about eating too little or Uncle Ralph who has had a bad day and takes it out on you. Role-play and discussion will be featured in this boot camp for the family.


Life is full of choices. Participants will explore the choices they have made and have the opportunity to explore different choices through enactment and role-play.

Walking In Your Shoes

Participants will reverse roles with someone with whom they were in conflict and get a chance to walk in the other person's shoes and see the conflict from the other side.

The Yes/No Game

One of the toughest things for a young leader, supervisor or manager to learn is when to complete a task or when to delegate. Participants will practice saying yes to what they do want and no to what they don't want to do.

Building a Stress First Aid Kit

Designed to help people learn how to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate. Music, laughter and guided visualization will be standard tools of operation for this training. Perfect for a Board of Directors meeting or a staff retreat. 

Building Bridges

Team building, communication and cooperation are keys to this fun and energetic three hour workshop. Through role-play, art and games participants will gain more insight into workplace dynamic, where they fit in and how to build bridges of communication with others.