A recent client testimonial:
"I felt completely at ease with Eve, and our sessions felt safe and comfortable.  She is easy to talk to, and offers insightful suggestions.  I particularly liked the visualization techniques, and I still use them when I start to feel overwhelmed.  Eve helped me navigate through a difficult period; going to see her was like talking to an old friend."

"Eve has helped me grow in ways I didn't think I was capable of. She has helped me both personally and professionally to be a better person. We used a variety of techniques and I enjoyed being creative in our sessions. I will take everything I learned and use it on the rest of my journey through life. She really is one of a kind" 


"I came to Eve at a time of confusion as my feeling were flaring up all over! She helped me to identify and understand what was happening and gave me the tools to be able to deal with things on my own. I really appreciated her calm and gentle approach and her ability to talk through my pain points. Eve also recommended techniques and materials that I can now use as I need to and knew when I no longer needed her help."


"Eve was instrumental in guiding me out of a very difficult time. I needed someone to just talk to and talking with Eve was like talking with a friendů a really rational, non-judgmental friend! I would highly recommend Eve Brownstone."


"Eve was instrumental in helping me through one of the biggest transitions in my life. She challenged me to confront my fears, step out of my comfort zone, and forgive the people in my life that I've been hurt by, but most of all, to forgive myself. Eve is genuine, sensitive, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and empathetic - I felt safe with her. I am in a good place now, but I know that as challenges arise, I am stronger and able to face them because of the work I did with Eve and I know that I would call her in a heartbeat if those challenges ever got too much to face alone."

Niles Township HS Student

"I think it is amazing how much you care for your mom. It was a very touching story and made me want to appreciate my mom a bit more.I feel like I don't appreciate my mom enough."

Niles Township HS Student

"Your story was very touching. It made me want to appreciate my mom more. It also made me very scared. I am too weak to lose someone close to me to ALS."

Niles Township HS Student

"You opened my eyes to love everyone and to live my life to the fullest. Nothing can set me back not illness not anything. You control your life and you live it to the fullest."


I have been working with Eve for over two years, and I love the variety of techniques and creative exercises that she incorporates into my therapy. It's rare that one session is exactly like another. I look forward to being in her calming office each week with her.

Michelle Kline Niles West HS

Dear Eve
Thank you for coming to my Health Careers Class and talking about ALS and Expressive Arts Therapies. The story of your mother was very touching. I am glad we were able to hear about her life through you. Your presentation style was very calming and allowed my students time to reflect on their own lives. Thank you!


"When I first came to Eve, I was at the lowest point in my life. My marriage was falling apart, I felt sad and desperate, and couldn't think clearly. Eve was patient, compassionate, encouraging, and creative in helping me back to stability and confidence. I have had
other therapists, but with Eve I've felt more comfortable, safe and more myself than before. I have recommended her to friends already."

Lori Pritchard

I had the pleasure of working with Eve, and she was professional, organized and knowledgeable. I recommended her highly.

Liz Ferrigno, AM, LCSW, Program Director Gilda's Club Chicago

Thank you so much for facilitating the workshop! The members who attended had wonderful things to say, including:
"Bring her back, she was wonderful!"
"Would love to attend more of these!"

Thanks again, Eve!

Kimberly Bares

My in-laws loved the DVD of the interview you conducted with them. It made a perfect Hanukkah gift, and we couldn't be happier with your final product and with the thought and care that went into the interview and editing process. You knew just the right questions to ask! It's a gem, and we'll treasure what you captured on film for many years and generations to come.

Thank you!

Kevin O'Neil

Eve is a true master of her art. She is a kind and sensitive oral historian, with a special knack for getting people to talk about themselves and their loved ones. I would recommend her to anyone!

Thanks again!

Baxter Swilley

Eve Brownstone is insightful and patient in her work as an interviewer who, for every subject, pursues the facts and story with equal vigor. Her work with Scott Lee Cohen, candidate for Illinois Lieutenant Governor, delivered a narrative on a self-made man who is seeking to share his success through public service. This video has had a catalytic effect on his campaign, which is poised for victory in 2010!

I am especially grateful to her for her interest in my work as founder of Citizens For 2016, an organization whose mission was to build public opinion for Chicago's bid for the Olympics. Her video interview of me drew out my best articulation of a people's hope to host the world in Chicago, America's greatest city.

Paul Quinn, Author of Tarot For Life

The video interview you did with me helped me to articulate my ideas (about the Tarot, in my case), and have an enjoyable experience feeling comfortable in front of the camera. I appreciated the relaxed environment you created, and your thoughtful questions. Thanks!

Sheri Wishnia

Eve has facilitated 2 workshops for "CJE at Sinai" members. Both programs were well done. She had plans, music and supplies ready. The group responded to her lead. Eve created an atmosphere for the members to express themselves freely while exploring connections to family, friends and the group in one program. During the other program Eve had the group draw thoughts and feelings about different aspects of their lives. Each time the members were encouraged to work together. While facilitating both workshops Eve responded to individuals as well as to the group. When some members initially had difficulty transitioning onto the task of the workshop, Eve was patient and reassuring until they were able to maintain their focus. One man liked the background music and Eve spontaneously started dancing with him while still maintaining leadership of the group. I am looking forward to Eve's next workshop.

Sheri Wishnia
Program Manager:
"CJE at Sinai" and Culture Bus
Program Planner: ADS

Sandra Kost

As the activity coordinator for theCJE Senior Life - Robineau Residence in Skokie I have observed Eve Brownstone's workshops. Eve helps residents to get in touch with their intuitive selves. She has creative exercises which help to open up a person's mind and heart. I recommend Eve Brownstone to any senior or adult residence home. Her programs are innovative and she is a good facilitator.

Sandra Kost
Activities Coordinator Robineau Residence